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Podfic: AI8 RPF - Undercover by house_of_lantis

OMG, I can't believe this is finally finished! I started this in December guys! I put my charity podfics on hold because I wanted to get some more points for [community profile] amplificathon :P

Title: Undercover by [personal profile] house_of_lantis
Reader: [personal profile] paraka
Fandom: American Idol Season 8 RPF
Pairing: Kris/Adam
Length: 2:17:28
Links: MP3 ||| M4B

Summary: Based on kradamadness Round 6 Games prompt by vampiric_mcd who asked for mobster/mafia AU + dangerous games. It took two years for undercover agent Kris to infiltrate Adam’s criminal organization, but it only took one day for everything to come crashing down.

Reader's Notes: Thank you to [personal profile] choosetolive for the beta and [personal profile] house_of_lantis and [ profile] adamaddict_rh for the cheerleadering. :D Done as my 2+ Hours square for [community profile] podfic_bingo

Since this is a fairly long podfic, I made plenty of mistakes as I was reading this (unsurprisingly). However some of them were kind of hilarious (Kris only has one cock tip!) and I talked about it on Twitter and people mentioned being interested in hearing them, so voi la! Bloopers:
Download or stream below.
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*twirls with podfic* I'm so happy!
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