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Fic: Dapper Dan Man by [ profile] hoktauri (text link)
Readers: [personal profile] lunate8 and [personal profile] paraka
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Gen
Summary: A thunderstorm and a messy head of hair.
Length: 0:01:00
Download: MP3 (0.9 MBs) ||| M4B (1.3 MBs)
Please right click and "Save As".

Notes: Recorded with [personal profile] lunate8 when I was visiting her. :D She is delightfully hardcore when it comes to podfic and is basically my hero now. ♥
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Title: A Changing Perception on Fate (or how Rodney came to believe in the Robot Apocalypse by [personal profile] amaresu
Reader: [personal profile] paraka
Fandom: Stargate Atalntis/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Pairing: Rodney/Sarah
Length: 0:03:34
Links: MP3 ||| M4B

Summary: He'd first met Sarah Connor a few years before he'd joined the Stargate program.

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Title: Old Spice Kink Meme Anthology
Readers: [ profile] stargate_sg1sg1, [personal profile] paraka and [ profile] kronos999
Fandoms/Pairings: Old Spice (Old Spice Man/ladies, gen), American Politics RPF (gen), Firefly (gen), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (gen), Psych (gen), Feminist Hulk (gen), Feminism RPF (gen), Stargate Atlantis (John/Rodney), White Collar (gen), Watchmen (gen), Marvel universe (gen), Good Omens (gen)
Length: 0:21:18
Links: MP3 ||| M4B

Reader's Notes: So I had a ton of fun reading [community profile] oldspice_kinkmeme and wanted to make some podfic out of it. Normally I don't think anything of women reading men's character's but something about Old Spice made me want a man to read it, so I bribed my cousin [ profile] stargate_sg1sg1 into reading most of this for me.

It's kinda rough for a podfic from me, and at times you can almost hear me directing [ profile] stargate_sg1sg1 in the background as he reads but it's lots of fun too.

Anthology Breakdown
1. Intro (no link) written by [personal profile] paraka (Old Spice/Podfic)
2. Common Scents written by anonymous (Old Spice/American Politics RPF)
3. Hello Space Smugglers written by [personal profile] happydork (Old Spice/Firefly)
4. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice)
5. A Call to Arms written by anonymous (Old Spice)
6. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice/Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
7. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice)
8. Untitled written by [personal profile] kristin (Old Spice/Psych)
9. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice/Feminist Hulk/Feminism RPF)
10. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice/Stargate Atlantis)
11. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice/White Collar)
12. Rorschach's Journal, August 12 written by anonymous (Old Spice/Watchmen)
14. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice/Marvel Universe)
15. and darkness was upon the face of the deep written by anonymous (Old Spice/... I'll be honest, I don't actually know what fandom this is a crossover with. The prompt for it was "Brilliance")
16. Untitled written by anonymous (Old Spice/Good Omens)
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Since [community profile] amplificathon is gearing up, I feel like I should podfic more especially since I'm in some under represented fandoms right now. So, I started with one of my fics (the only one I've finished and posted actually).

Title: Ficlet Meme by [personal profile] paraka
Reader: [personal profile] paraka
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicals (with an SGA crossover in there)
Pairing: John/Cameron, Gen
Length: 7:04
Link: MP3 | M4B

Summary: The object of the game is to write 10 different categories of fic in as few words as possible.
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I made podfic! Now I just have to finish editing my Star Trek Reboot one and do that other SGA one....

Title: Linguistics by [personal profile] stillane
Reader: [personal profile] paraka
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: John/Rodney
Length: 34:05
Link: MP3 | M4B
Archive links: MP3 | M4B

Summary:Finding the words.

Thanks to [personal profile] deliranteverse who bought me at [community profile] help_haiti, also to [personal profile] stillane for letting me record and [personal profile] cybel for making the cover art and podbook version of it. :)
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I've been meaning to update for a while but have been off LJ lately so never seem to get around to it. I've started following some link happy people on Twitter and seem to spend all my time reading the same news stories being reported by various different sources. *headdesk*

First of all, I'd like to thank [info - personal] geeklite, [info - personal] equusentric, [info - personal] mercury973, [info - personal] terribilita, [info - personal] munchkinofdoom, [info - personal] pbanda, [info - personal] kaaatie, [info - personal] keewick, [info - personal] ubiquitous_girl, [info - personal] aurora_84, [info - personal] the_muppet and [info - personal] astropixie for the snowflakes. I've never received a v-gift before so it was really fun to receive so many at once :D

In other news, I got a vidding computer yesterday!!! A few months back I started buying parts to make a super fast computer with vidding in mind, but found I was too cautious to put it together on my own. One of my dad's former employees likes playing with this stuff so my dad asked him if he'd help out. I got the finished product back yesterday! I don't have a desk to put it on, so I haven't had much of a chance to play around with it but hopefully in 2010 I can get my vidding fu back. I have a couple vid ideas in the back of my head already. :D

My room mates continue to be awesome. Last night I was talking with [personal profile] diurnal_lee about fic and brought up one fic that I like, but like as bad fic:

[personal profile] paraka: The one where Rodney's a virgin! And John rapes him gently! And then there's mpreg and Rodney crying because people think he's fat and then there's more crying over blowjobs! And then there was a tax!fic sequel.
[personal profile] diurnal_lee: Stop! Send me the link.
[personal profile] paraka: ...You want to read it?
[personal profile] diurnal_lee: Well after you sell it like that!
[personal profile] paraka: ...That was me selling it? *shrugs* *sends link*

Then I listened to her various OMGs and I can't read this! and WTF!?s and made her tell me which part she was at for each one (so it took her a while to read). And after all her frustration and squeeling while reading it, I asked her if she like the fic and she admitted, that yes, she did, despite all the badness of it.

This led to a discussion of the various SGA mpreg fics we've read, and this [info - personal] sgastoryfinders post. And this request from someone else, which, dudes, you have no idea how hard it was for me to stop at the one mpreg request, because there were suddenly a bunch of others that I just *had* to read again, like the one where Rodney gets pregnant and they're not sure if it's John's or Kavanagh's, and I think there was a scene where John was apologizing for getting Rodney into this situation and Rodney was like, "You only need to apologize if it's not yours, because there is no way I want to be carrying Kavanagh's baby!" (luckily, someone provided a link for this one in that second request! :D) Or a different mpreg that was told from, I think it was Zelenka's POV where the rest of the science staff had cornered him saying he has to confront Rodney about going on maternity leave since being pregnant just made him worse in the lab. There was also art of Rodney in a red moumou. ♥ (I still can't find that last one, although I was able to find the art by [personal profile] spaggel....)

You know, I've been drifting away from the SGA fandom for a while now, but looking back, I don't know if any other fandom is going to live up to the awesomeness that SGA has.

Hmm, I know there were things I wanted to say in this post. Other than mpreg. But damned if I can remember them. Maybe I'll just finish with a warning that I'll be posting some PSAs soon.
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You may have noticed that I skipped the week of September 15-21. That was done on purpose since apparently I didn't read much that week and of the few fics I did touch non of them were really rec worthy. I appear to have made up for it by the next week however...

Meta )

Merlin )

Terminator )

Misc Fandoms )

And now we're almost out of September. Just in time for October to finish....
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Judging by how long it took me to write up my first rec post I don't think I'm going to be able to go with posting recs for an entire month at once, but I'll try doing it by the week. So here's my recs for Sept 1-7, 2009.

Also I have decided that Millie will be my official Fic Rec Icon. *nods*

Terminator Recs )

Stargate Atlantis Recs )

Merlin Recs )

Misc Fandoms )

Meta )

If anyone has any comments or suggestions about my formating I'd be happy to hear them. :)
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So, as promised here's my first rec post! I decided to do it retroactively, so here's for the last week of August. I did a big Merlin rec list not too long ago for [personal profile] darlulu so there might be some repeats in here.

I should also note that one of my common ways of finding fics is through fic finding comms, so I kind of have lost my filter when it comes to spoiling fics. So if you don't like being spoiled for a fic, my recs might make you unhappy.

Because a lot of my fic comes in podfic form I've listed the title as a link to the fic but have added links in brackets beside with links to the podfic. I listen to everything as MP3s but I've included links to the M4B form as well for anyone interested in the podbook format.

Merlin Recs )

Stargate Atlantis Recs )

Terminator Recs )

Meta )

Oh God, this took me all night and it was just a few days worth of fic! :S

Fic Rec

31/5/09 12:39
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So, I don't rec fic all that often, but I just finished reading Mona Lisa Box by [personal profile] tzzzz and highly recommend it. It's a SGA/SCC cross over where John is a Terminator sent back in time to protect Rodney, one of the creators of Skynet. I like the SCC parts, but I totally love the destructive nature of John and Rodney's relationship.
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OMG, this totally makes me think of Ianto waking me up every morning :P

Also, doh! I can't believe I forgot to watch Supernatural! Well, it's on right now, but I don't want to have missed the beginning :( I'll just have to download it and watch tomorrow. :S

Title: Welcome Home
Vidder: [ profile] permetaform
Song: The Blood of Cu Chulainn by Mykael and Jeff Danna
Fandom/Pairing: Stargate Atlantis
Why I Love It: It’s a beautiful Celtic song, with many layers, and [ profile] permetaform uses those layers. In this vid she does a broad retelling of season 1, but instead of doing it in the boring linear manner that many others have done, she twists and twines it into the layers of the music. The effect is that there can be more then one story line as the current focus.
I also love that, while it mostly shows the main characters, the other people on the show are brought in too. You see the Athosians, and un-named scientists, and feel that this is more then just a small group of people, it is in fact a community, a home.

Title: Angels Would Fall
Vidder: [ profile] oneofaradia
Song: Angels Would Fall by Melissa Etheridge
Fandom/Pairing: SG-1 - Jack/Daniel
Why I Love It: I've always loved the concept of this vid. Jack/Daniel was never one of my pairings, but preferred pairings never seem to matter to me when it comes to vids. I like the idea that Jack wants Daniel and is a little in awe of him and a friend as well, and while Daniel sees Jack he's much more focused on looking up at, well I would say intangible but that's not the case, other bigger things. I particularly love the bit where the lyrics are "there's no one here they want to hang around" and how it's Jack alone in his cell after a torture session with Ba'al and Daniel isn't there. I find this vid really does show some of the big differences between Jack and Daniel. Jack is such an down to Earth guy, who knows what he wants and believes, meanwhile Daniel is always thinking "more!" and the ascended give him a chance to explore that. It's Daniels mindset that draws Oma to him.

I have a question. There's this one vid I want to rec, but the link on the vidders webpage isn't working, I sent the vidder an email asking if it'd be ok for me to upload her vid to a temporary site with full credit and links going back to her but she never responded. Do you think it'd be ok for me to upload it anyways, and take it down if asked? Or should I just assume that it's a no because she never got back to me?

Also, hmm, do you think I could manage to work any more of my fandoms into this post? I feel like changing my icon to some random fandom, just because :P
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Title: Clear the Area
Vidder: [ profile] melibabe
Song: Clear the Area by Imogenheap
Fandom/Pairing: Stargate Atlantis - Carson centric
Why I Love It: You know, I always found it interesting that on SGA, the two characters who go into the show with the clearest ideas of where their morals lay (Carson and Elizabeth) made some to the most morally dubious decisions. This vid does an amazing job of tying Carson into the various Wraith storylines that he touched and really shows the consequences of his decisions. The timing and special effects are great too. The perfect blend of effects and movement and colours with clear video so that you can feel them without being overwhelmed by them or missing out on the storyline because of them. I felt so much squee when I first saw this vid (and I have the page long emails somewhere to prove it :P). I'm not sure if I've ever rec'ed it on my journal before, but if I haven't I totally should have.
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Title: Wake Up
Vidder: [ profile] obfreak
Song: Wake Up by The Living End
Fandom/Pairing: Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis
Why I Love It: Are you all getting tired of angsty vid recs yet? I promise to thrown in a couple funny vids, this one, however is not a happy vid. It's an SG-1/SGA crossover, and I think what I like best about it, is that this vid somehow manages to keep the two shows separate within the vid, but still feel cohesive. It doesn't feel like two random shows thrown in together, but isn't an AU crossover either where the vidder implies that the two shows are interacting.
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Oh what a party animal I am. I was asleep by 10:30 last night. :-/ I have a bit of a cold, and when none of my plans for New Years Eve materialized I decided to just go home, curl up in bed and read. It was actually a really nice night for me, even if I got nothing done. I just read Torchwood fic and watched vids. Speaking of vids, today is my first day of vid recs! I thought I'd start with an SGA vid:

Title: Heights and Depths
Vidder: [ profile] joli87
Song: For All Lovers by Stanfour
Fandom/Pairing: Stargate Atlantis - Team (and pretty much every pairing that has appeared on the show)
Why I Love It: First off, I *love* team vids, and this vid goes even beyond that. While it has a lot of Sheppard's team, it also has Weir and Carson, and Keller and Sam. It's a really inclusive vid.
Storyline wise, it sticks very close to the lyrics in a very complimentary way. The lyrics are simple and clear enough that you can immediately relate them to the clips the vidder has chosen, creating an emotionally charged storyline.
Technically speaking, I found the zooming in a bit dizzying at times, but other times it was just perfect for the music. She also makes great use of the internal movements of the clips, especially during the faster bits. All the timing seemed spot on, and the vidder has that knack for only putting the flashier transitions when required to strengthen the storyline, were it will have the most impact. She does this cool bit about 3/4 of the way through by telling mini stories through flashes with the drums, that are really effective.

I also wanted to say thank you so much to the people that sent me cards this season, namely [ profile] the_muppet [ profile] munchkinofdoom [ profile] paradise_city [ profile] ubiquitous_girl [ profile] lemonpirfirefly and [ profile] mercury973 (I think that's everyone, if you sent me a card and aren't listed, please let me know).

Happy New Year everyone!
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As the title says, SGA Big Bang is up and running. There were some technical problems that delayed it a day or so, but it's up now.

And, for those of you who are interested after last weeks panicking, here's my vid, which was done for [ profile] sardonicsmiley's fic Chance, Fate, God or Grace

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So, I *finally finished that vid I've been working on for months. I originally planned on using it as a Premiere vid at Vividcon, but I'm on the waiting list, and don't think I'll make it to the actual con, so I'm posting it now.

Title: Pegasus 101
Vidder: [ profile] paraka
Song:The All Spark by Steve Jablonsky
Rating: Gen/Team
Summary: My first Gen/Team vid, I've been wanting to make one for years and now finally have.
I wanted to tell the story of the team learning about and adjusting to life in Pegasus. The vid is in three parts that follow the music. First is them finding Pegasus and becoming a team. Second is about the team going out there and meeting the Pegasus natives of the human variety, and the last section deals with the Wraith. I was trying something new with the ending, please feel free to let me know what you think of it.

Thank you to [ profile] paradise_city. Without all her amazing cheer leading, I'd probably still have this sitting unfinished. And [ profile] maekala, [ profile] keewick and [ profile] kimberlyfdr who all took the time to send me a beta. The POV would have been all messed up without you guys.

Link: At my webpage or Right click and save as

On Youtube:

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