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Title: You Are Somebody's Fault by [ profile] tigriswolf
Reader: [personal profile] paraka
Fandom: Supernatural/Terminator Salvation
Pairing: Gen
Length: 0:04:56
Links: MP3 ||| M4B

Summary: Turns out, the demonic powers of Hell work on machines.
Who knew.

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Title: A Changing Perception on Fate (or how Rodney came to believe in the Robot Apocalypse by [personal profile] amaresu
Reader: [personal profile] paraka
Fandom: Stargate Atalntis/Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Pairing: Rodney/Sarah
Length: 0:03:34
Links: MP3 ||| M4B

Summary: He'd first met Sarah Connor a few years before he'd joined the Stargate program.

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Hmmm, should I do 3 Day Novel this year? I don't think I have any plans for that weekend and last year I did get a good chunk written. I'm not very good with the actually-sitting-down-and-writing thing so the 10K I got out was probably the most I've ever written of fic. Granted I got 10K in and hadn't even introduced one of the main characters yet. When I was talking to [personal profile] diurnal_lee about 3 Day Novel a couple months ago, I joked that it could be an annual tradition for me to write bits of that fic every year for 3DN and maybe in a decade it'll actually be finished (it's kind of an epic story :S).

I totally could write that fic but I'm not really feeling it right now. I'm a little too in love with Kradam at the moment to write John/Cameron. Although, if I wanted to do a bit of both, I could write that Kradam/Terminator crossover idea I have.... Or I could write the one where love at first sight is a medical condition and the boys come down with it while on Idol... and don't notice.

I need to start thinking about this now because I'm going to need to have some kind of story line laid out before going into the weekend if I want to get anything out of it.


12/6/10 22:04
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I don't know why, since I do pretty much everything on the computer, but when I want to write fic, I get more done if I do it in a note book rather than typing it out.

Of course, this means more work, since I'll eventually have to transcribe it to the computer (assuming I ever finish something) but whatever, it works for me. I think it's maybe because being on a computer provides too many distractions and I end doing things like updating my journal instead of writing :P

Still, I feel I was somewhat productive today, since I started off wanting to read an AI/Terminator cross over, to wanting to write one but having no idea what it'd be about, to a full plot line with the first scene written out.

I'm trying to keep things short, in the interest of actually finishing it (unlike my other Terminator cross over that I abandoned at 10K :( Maybe one day it'll be finished).
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So it seems like all I do lately is read AI fic. However with [community profile] amplificathon coming to an end soon, I'm trying to finish up all the podfics I have started (and am crazily contemplating trying to start and complete a 6 hour podfic before June 1 :S). Here's a Terminator one I recorded back in January but only got around to editing now.

Also, since I now have 9 published podfics, I figured it was time to add a podfic section to my website. Although it also made me realize that my website is kind of ugly. Red text on black? What was I thinking? And I so don't have time to come up with a new colour scheme right now. However if you'd like to see my previous podfics, they're all here.

Title: Convergence by [personal profile] indiefic
Reader: [personal profile] paraka
Fandom: Terminator 'Verse (The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the Movie 'Verse)
Pairing: Gen (Mention of Sarah/Kyle)
Length: 14:55
Link: MP3 | M4B
Archive links: MP3 | M4B

Summary: despite a lifetime of planning, it somehow never occurred to John that there would be a time in his own life when Kyle Reese was alive and a hero and an adult - all at once.
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Since [community profile] amplificathon is gearing up, I feel like I should podfic more especially since I'm in some under represented fandoms right now. So, I started with one of my fics (the only one I've finished and posted actually).

Title: Ficlet Meme by [personal profile] paraka
Reader: [personal profile] paraka
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicals (with an SGA crossover in there)
Pairing: John/Cameron, Gen
Length: 7:04
Link: MP3 | M4B

Summary: The object of the game is to write 10 different categories of fic in as few words as possible.
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You may have noticed that I skipped the week of September 15-21. That was done on purpose since apparently I didn't read much that week and of the few fics I did touch non of them were really rec worthy. I appear to have made up for it by the next week however...

Meta )

Merlin )

Terminator )

Misc Fandoms )

And now we're almost out of September. Just in time for October to finish....
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Judging by how long it took me to write up my first rec post I don't think I'm going to be able to go with posting recs for an entire month at once, but I'll try doing it by the week. So here's my recs for Sept 1-7, 2009.

Also I have decided that Millie will be my official Fic Rec Icon. *nods*

Terminator Recs )

Stargate Atlantis Recs )

Merlin Recs )

Misc Fandoms )

Meta )

If anyone has any comments or suggestions about my formating I'd be happy to hear them. :)
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Dear Brain,

What do you have against happy endings? All of the good fic ideas you come up with have sad unhappy endings! In my terminator epic you ended the fic with a giant 3 way war where the world is basically destroyed. At least you had your OTPs together and came up with a sequel where you could prevent the giant 3 way war from happening. But in order to do that you had to break up your OTP. Then you created *another* sequel with time looping where sometimes your OTP was together and other times they weren't until half of your OTP died. Not happy.

And now. Now that I'm in Merlin fandom, which is all happy and ridiculous slash, you come up with a kind of cool OT4 idea which is fun and sexy-hot in the beginning but ends with them all scattered to the winds and dying bitter and lonely. WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST HAPPY ENDINGS BRAIN!? I WANT TO KNOW SO I CAN FIX IT!!

No love,
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So, as promised here's my first rec post! I decided to do it retroactively, so here's for the last week of August. I did a big Merlin rec list not too long ago for [personal profile] darlulu so there might be some repeats in here.

I should also note that one of my common ways of finding fics is through fic finding comms, so I kind of have lost my filter when it comes to spoiling fics. So if you don't like being spoiled for a fic, my recs might make you unhappy.

Because a lot of my fic comes in podfic form I've listed the title as a link to the fic but have added links in brackets beside with links to the podfic. I listen to everything as MP3s but I've included links to the M4B form as well for anyone interested in the podbook format.

Merlin Recs )

Stargate Atlantis Recs )

Terminator Recs )

Meta )

Oh God, this took me all night and it was just a few days worth of fic! :S
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So, I'm currently in the middle of a Terminator rewatch. I haven't talked about it much here on my journal, but I'm doing 3 Day Novel and writing a Terminator fic for it (although now it's morphed into this giant multi fandom 'verse, god). So, to prepare for next weekend, I'm rewatching all of Terminator.

So far I've made it through all the movies, and am just finishing up S1 of SCC. While rewatching though, I noticed a horrible piece of Bad!Science, that I just can't get over.

When Derek was bleeding out on the table, Charlie says that they need some AB blood, the rarest blood type. Cameron volunteers that Sarah is type O, the universal donor, but Charlie insists that they need AB blood. John asks to be tested, and image that, he has type AB blood.

Now, if you know anything about genetics, you know that the reason *why* AB blood is so rare, is because your parents would have had to have had blood types, A, B or AB. O is recessive! If one of your parents had type O blood, you can't have type AB!!!

However, due to this horrible piece of science, [profile] kronos999 came up with this awesome fic idea that I'm going to make her write. *Make* her. *nods*


15/6/09 08:00
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So, I'll admit it, I still use Yahoo Groups. This is mostly because I'm an email junkie and like having things appear in my inbox that I don't have to respond to. I really don't know why I use the groups though, because often they annoy me.

Take a message sent to one of my SCC groups last night, saying that one of the reasons SCC was canceled was because there was no audience it really appealed to. There weren't enough hot women for guys to be interested, and of course *girls* would *never* be interested in this kind of show.

So I finally jumped posted to the group saying, "Hi, I'm a girl, and I enjoyed the show, same with the other female friends that I know watch the show." To which the guy replied saying "How could it!?" Although, to be fair, he went on to describe why it doesn't appeal to men (or, you know him, more than all men, although he was trying to make it about everyone) either.

So here's a question to the SCC and Terminator fans on my flist, what is it you liked about the show/movie.
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God guys. I know I keep talking about this fic that I'm writing, but it's really taking over my brain. Why is it that all my fic ideas are epic ones? This is why I've never tried writing before, because I just don't think I can write an *epic* as my first fic.

And this epic fic? Just got bigger. I had the main idea for my Sex Bot Fic, but I wasn't really sure how I wanted to end it. I was kind of leaning towards John either dying in battle, or going off to live in exile to have his hot robot sex. Now though, I've decided that since this is Terminator, why not end in war and time travel? John and Cameron are going to go back in time and try to *stop* the second war. Which of course spawned a whole other fic idea for how they go about it (with possible tragic consequences for their love). *headdesk*

This is all a lot of planning and big ideas considering I only have about a page of the thing written. Which brings me to my next question to the writers on my flist: How do you come up with your original characters.

There aren't a ton of characters in the Terminator fandom that have names *and* live. I'm hoping to grab some from the prequel novel I'm reading but I'm not done it yet so I'm not sure if they'll live. :S Also I need "bad guys" and am not sure how to present them.
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Just got back from Dairy Queen. My mom randomly decided we should go out for ice cream. And I can hear her making cupcakes. I feel like a giant 5 year old, but she'd making them so I can bring them into work. For my birthday. :P

I was saying to [personal profile] raxhel today that it doesn't really feel like my birthday, since normally June is so busy we don't have time for anything. Except I haven't really been busy this year. I guess I took that statement to heart, because suddenly my schedule is looking pretty full. Tomorrow for my actual birthday we're just going to do a quiet night at home. But on Friday I'm going out with [personal profile] lilithilien and we're going to go to a concert. Saturday I'm going to go furniture shopping with my mom (20 days 'til the house is *mine*). And Sunday is the [community profile] ottawa_slashers monthly meet up but I'm going to have to leave early since we're having my family birthday party Sunday afternoon.

Yesterday I met up with [personal profile] seanchaidh and we went out for dinner, and then headed over to a Starbucks for a write in. Often when I go to write ins, I spend more time distracting people than anything else (yesterday wasn't really an exception) or I'll bring my computer and work on editing a podfic or possibly a vid. Yesterday though, I just brought a note book and pen, and actually *wrote*. I restarted a Terminator fic I'm working on. I've also fleshed out a lot more of the idea. I'm really happy with the little I have down, so hopefully I'll keep writing, and eventually have something I can post. Right now, the working title is "Sex Bot Fic" to give you an idea what it's about :P

And because I haven't done one in a while: Vid Rec.

Title: Red
Vidder: [personal profile] obsessive24
Song: Red by Elbow
Fandom/Pairing: Merlin - Arthur/Merlin
Why I Love It: This is just such a *pretty* vid. I love all the slow motion shots, and views of red, especially of Arthur's cape. This vid really showcases how pretty the source material is (and totally makes me want to vid in the fandom, even though I have no *time*).
It's also a perfect song for Arthur, his mentality and life. "You burn too bright, you live too fast" "You're a tragedy starting to happen" I mean, isn't that just Arthur?
I love how the vid starts off with Arthur and his father; like an explanation or build up as to *why* Arthur lives this way. To show all the pressure Arthur is under.
Then the vid moves onto Merlin and shows an almost envy within Arthur. And it shows how hard Arthur fights for those around him. But then we get to see how Merlin also fights for Arthur too. Even if sometimes it's in the background. It really bring home that message of them being two sides of the same coin, and I love the ending shot, of Merlin holding Arthur above the water. Such a powerful vid.
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So, since I spent a lot of time in bed last night not sleeping my thoughts ended up turning where they seem to spend most of their time these days: Terminator.

Some late night plot bunnies )

Fic Rec

31/5/09 12:39
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So, I don't rec fic all that often, but I just finished reading Mona Lisa Box by [personal profile] tzzzz and highly recommend it. It's a SGA/SCC cross over where John is a Terminator sent back in time to protect Rodney, one of the creators of Skynet. I like the SCC parts, but I totally love the destructive nature of John and Rodney's relationship.
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So, I think there are only, like 2 people on my flist actually into Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but for anyone interested, there's a friending meme going on.

Terminator Multiverse Friending Meme!

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So I saw this meme over on [personal profile] kabal42's journal and thought I'd give it a try. The object of the game is to write 10 different categories of fic in as few words as possible. I didn't actually try too hard at the fewest words possible bit of the instructions since I'm not much of a fic writer and even getting these out is hard for me :S

10 ficlets, all SCC )

Whew, so this is actually the first "fic" I've ever written and posted.

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