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Originally posted by [ profile] heeroluva at Livejournal to do away with subject line in comments
FYI I did not translate this (found it on an anon comm), but I ran the original through Google translate and it's correct.

[ profile] igrick, dude in charge of lj design, has posted the following today:

New LJ. Step one: comments.

Folks, as the first step of a major design change me and Tyoma (lj user tema) were talking about we've rolled out the new comments system onto the beta-testing servers. I wanted to say "rolled out the new design" but it's really is a completely new system, not a simple design change. It's only available to beta-users for now (you can become one by joining the[info] lj_ru_beta community and enabling beta-mode here) and to journals that have default commenting design enabled (like mine does).

Better see once than read this text a hundred times, but I'm going to talk about my impressions and major changes anyway.

- new comments can be added without page reload;
- comments could be posted by pressing ctrl+enter shortcut - this is genius;
- comments no longer have Subject field and this is non-negotiable;
- mass comment actions are made simpler: you only need to select one comment and you'll see the actions panel (we'll add more options later);
- marking new comments option - the juiciest part for people who get many of them. It's very simple: adds "new" mark to comments that were added since you've last visited the page. I've got a new habit because of it: I open the comments page, mark the first comment, select "mark all" and "collapse all" and then scroll down looking for new comments which I then expand and reply to. That means that all new comments get replies in one go without page being refreshed. Then I refresh the page and repeat the process. It's much more useful for me than email because I get a lot of comments.

Big pic (in Russian) under cut, but it gives the basic idea )

- Because of the new method of selecting userpics I've started using them more.
- It's much easier to add a link, a picture or a video into a comment (we'll add selecting/adding to and from the ScrapBook).
- All actions are now animated and that looks much nicer.

And many other nice things. Anyway, if you're interested - try out the beta-mode, discuss, criticize, suggest.

My thoughts:
So I'm definitely not thrilled with this. The whole removal of subject lines will totally mess up kink/comment memes/comms. I kind of foresee a mass migration to Dreamwidth.

Going through the comments people don't seem happy. In one reply [ profile] igrick says that less than 1% of commenters use the subject line, the person resorts by asking for backing for that statistic and what about the communities that rely heavily on the use of subjects, and then igrick says I already gave you the statistic... Also is seems like this will affect ALL PREVIOUS COMMENTS not just new ones. Taking a moment to consider email notifications, if you're following a post with a lot of comments that would have previously been separated by subject, there will now be no way to differentiate them in emails because of the lack of a subject line.

It seems like the site is being pushed to be like facebook. If I wanted to use facebook I'd be there... seeing as this isn't facebook I don't want it to work like it. Comments also say that with this system the page loads slower than refreshing upon the addition of a comment (as if LJ wasn't slow enough already). The addition of animations and transitions will not make this browser friendly and will significantly hinder people with slower computers... As someone that normally has dozens of LJ tabs open at a time and a browser that uses too much memory as it is, this does not seem like a good thing.

Oh look and we have some English comments popping up that show how much igrick doesn't care:
Commenter: It is absolutely unacceptable to remove subject lines. You can say goodbye to fandom if you implement that.
igrick: Is it just a copy-past from some other place, or your thoughts?

Commenter: Why are subject lines being removed? Please explain.
igrick: Just because of 99% of comments have no subject and displayed as "no subject" in threads. It is not make sense to have a subject for comment.

Do the 99% that don't use subjects really care? Does it offend them in some way? Does it inconvenience them to see it? So the 1% don't matter? The hundreds of communities that have hundreds of thousands of posts where subject lines are immensely important don't matter? Yes, this is most likely to effect fandom communities, but if a mass exodus of fandom communities happens, the individuals are likely to follow. If this is implemented (without the option to opt out) it will not be a good thing for LJ's fannish userbase.

Can we please stop fixing stuff that's not broken?

ETA: So it seems since shit has hit the proverbial fan on igrick's journal, he added: "By the way — for the moment, and nearest half a year or even a year, we talking only about S1 commenting page. Journal, where comments are in design of journal, still will have subject lines both in commenting form and threads." Then someone asks "Does it mean that after that 'half a year or even a year' the same changes will come to journal designs as well?" and he replies "I can't tell definitely now, but probably yes. As well as probably now. It depends on many things, especially on how S2, as system to design journal, will be developed." So this won't affect the majority in the near future but still...

Also if you're going to post on his journal, he can't see subjects.

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I haven't really been on LJ since last Thursday. I spent all my free time this weekend angsting and cleaning up so haven't had a lot of time. Also, I've fallen behind on my shows so don't want to get spoiled. I owe people comments and hope to get to them soon.

In other news, what's with the Merlin fandom and incest fics? I don't really have any issues with incest in fics, hell, I've had two fandoms where incest pairings were my main pairing, however I've never really gotten why people feel the need to throw incest into a non-canon pairing for fics. It seems like this round of [community profile] kinkme_merlin is just filled with incest prompts and I find this weird. And in some cases icky (mostly when I say I'm ok with incest I mean I'm ok with consensual incest between family members of the same generation that isn't porny while they're still really young. I find it a lot harder to take with you get different generations involved and/or the kids are really really young).

And, while we're on the subject of Merlin, last week's episode )
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Why is LJ down :( There was an awesome SCC fic I was trying to read!
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So, in the spirit of Valentines day, I just did a massive defriending. I feel really, really bad about this, but most of the people I defriended hadn't updated in months, if not years. Mostly it was people who have abandoned their LJs, or have moved on to different fandoms and we never talk. I hardly ever lock anything, but if you were one of the people I defriended and you still read my journal, let me know, and I'll refriend you.

But since we're on the subject of defriending, I thought I'd make one of those statements, so, if you currently have me friended, bu feel we don't have that much in common anymore, please take this post as an invitation to defriend me.

Completely unrelated, but I finally managed to get my hands on a copy of Midway, are people on my flist still missing it? It's hit the torrents and general eps comms, but if anyone is still missing it, I'd be happy to upload a copy of it.
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So, I went to the first OTW chat, and really thought it was great. I was sad that the next two were at times when I was at work, so I had to miss them, but the Asian/Australian time zone one was on the weekend, so I didn't have to worry about it.

So. I got up this morning at 5:30 to go to the chat, only to find out it had been canceled since no one said they could make it. :(

In other news, we all had a huge panic attack yesterday since my pregnant sister and her husband got into a car accident yesterday. They're both ok, but they're missing a large part of the front-right side of the car. But they were able to drive it the rest of the way here. It's crazy, they live in Toronto, and drive on the 401 all the time, but they get into an accident on the 15 at 10 at night when it was statistically improbable that there would even be another car on the road! Which is actually kind of why there was the accident, since the other guy was trying to turn onto the road like there weren't any other cars on it (he was charged for failing to yield). Still, it's really going to suck trying to make the 5 hour trip home in their wrecked car.

Now, onto fandom stuff. I had done this meme a couple times before, but then the website that you had to do it through was taken down. But [ profile] mercury973 just posted a new version of it, so I jumped all over it: Who comments the most on this journal? )

A couple things I find interesting about the results:
-Ah [ profile] carr0ts1979, you're still my top commenter, even though we've hardly talked in years. I still miss you a whole lot, and you should be online more. You're totally awesome ([ profile] itsjustkristen too, I miss you guys so much!).
-I was kind of surprised to see all the QaF people on this list. I suppose it only makes sense, since I was far more active in that fandom than I am in SGA, but it just seems so long ago for me (and I guess in my head this meme should only start from the last time I did it :P)
-I'm totally *not* surprised that the SGA people that made it into my top ten ([ profile] maekala, you need to join [ profile] paradise_city and I in one of our long ramble-y comment threads sometime :)
-It makes me kind of nostalgic, to see all the people I used to talk with all the time, but we've drifted apart. Sometimes because they've left LJ, sometimes since we've moved into different fandoms.
-I'm a bit amazed at the number of people on this list who I just have *no* idea who they are. I don't so much worry about the people who only left one comment (I'm a vidder, and have done a couple posts that have brought people from all over to comment), but some of the ones who have posted more than once (like 3 people in my top 50 who, I just don't remember).
-It also makes me a bit sad to see some of the people who gave me my fear of [ profile] metafandom higher up on the list.

So, while we're talking about comments, I'd like to apologize for being a crappy commenter lately. I'm going to try harder (yeah, we'll see how long that lasts! *has no willpower*), so if I'm suddenly commenting more, it's because I've always wanted to, but have been to lazy in the past. *nods*

Also, *is excited* I'm going to a game tonight! *points to icon* With my brother-in-law, so I might actually be able to understand what's going on without the commentator's telling me! (Does that make me a bad fan?)
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So, I'm almost finished writing all the letters I promised people (I even have most of them in the mail)!

Please don't expect anything intelligent to have been said in the letters, I'm crap and writing short letters. It's so hard to have a conversation in the space allowed on a post card :S
Especially since they're not really from a vacation or anything, so I can't even talk about the picture much.

Thanks to everyone who voted in my poll, I'll try to explain it tonight (How could no one like elephants?).

Also, I know a lot of the hype is dying down, but I'm still feeling antsy about LJ, and am thinking about alternatives. So in the hopes of using LJ as much as possible, and finding out where people are (and make the most out of my paid account), here's another poll:

[Poll #1043416]

Also if people have any thoughts on the whole thing and want to start a conversation in the comments that would be great.

Do you really think people will move?
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Ok I owe some people a bit of an explination. I wanted to add my secret santa to my friends list, but of course that would completely give it away, so instead of just going and friending them, I decided to cover my tracks by adding everyone who has taken part in [ profile] snowinandblowin .

I realise that's a bit extreme, but I also figured it would give me an excuse to get to know some of the people in this community If this really truely bothers anyone I can unfriend them, but all in all I would really like to get to know some of you, I had already been to some of your journals, this just gives me a reason to friend you.


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