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So, today can alternately be titled "Snow Day!" We Got a lot of snow today, like, more than a foot, and we're still getting more tonight. Luckily we just had a bit of a thaw and some of the previous snow had melted away, otherwise I'm sure this year would be looking a lot like the Winter of '08.

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Oops, so yesterday I ended up falling asleep at, like, 8:30 and didn't make a Week in the Life post, I'm going to merge yesterday's and today's together.

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Then, as I said above, I basically passed out. So now, onto day 4!

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Today was a bit harder for me, since it was mostly a repeat of yesterday but I tried my best.

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So a couple people on my flist are did this meme, even more did it last year, but I wasn't able to participate due to life but I wanted to try and do it this year. I don't know how good I'll be at doing it every day for the whole week, since I've been meaning to start doing it for a couple days now and today is the first day I actually did it. But we'll see.

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Wow, that's the first non-podfic related, personal post that I've made to this journal in a very long time. O_O
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There are so many ways to create podfic and so many ways to listen. We might engage with podfic curled up in bed, in our closet, while commuting or at the gym, in our bathroom with makeshift soundproofing. To find out more information on podfic and how we podfic, check out Pod Aware on DW, LJ or Tumblr.

I've been so crazy busy between school and running [community profile] pod_aware that I haven't properly had time to make things for it, so I'm going to use this as an excuse to make a post I've been meaning to for a long time now. I know I've talked about my home made recording studio a lot, but now I'm going to do a proper post.

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So, at my work, they take Halloween pretty seriously. Want to see pics? )
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It feels like forever since I've made an actual, non-podfic post. Although, I can't really call this post a non-podfic one :P

Just an FYI, I've mostly been hanging out on Twitter lately, if you're on there and want to follow me, I'm @paraka12.

I've been feeling kind of stressed lately and oddly enough, half of that has been fandom related, with the other half being work related.

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Last year I dressed up as Donna Noble for the party, this year, I'm totally going as Adam Lambert :D When [ profile] kronos999 was trying to think of what to go as, I suggested she wear plaid and we could go as Kradam but then we decided she was too tall to be Kris (I'm 5'5" she's 5'10" - taller than Kris :P).
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I swear I will one day soon get back to actual updates but until that day, you're just going to have to indulge in this proud auntie. :D

We were all a little worried about how Ethan would handle having a new brother. He's really good at sharing his toys and things like that, but he's really possessive of his mother. So far, though, so good.

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And now I have pictures of him!!

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Eeeeee! I can't wait to meet him!
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Ok, I'm not sure how many of you heard about that *huge-ass* storm that swept through the North Eastern US and South Central Canada, but Ottawa, where I live, was right in the middle of it, and we're still digging out. Last week, we got about 80cm of snow (that's 31.5" for the Americans on my flist), which is crazy. Worse yet, we've already had a huge amount of snow this winter, and it's not going away. So far this winter, we've had more than 4m (over 13 feet) of snow. We're something like a foot away from breaking the record for most snow.

pictures, for those interested )

These pics were from the weekend, we got more today, and none of it seems to have melted. It's really scary driving around corners, because you just have to go slow, and hope that no one's coming; there's no way you can see around the snow banks.

Also, you know how sometimes Canadians and Americans have different words for the same thing? This is the reason why Canadians have March Breaks, and not Spring Breaks, because chances are, it's not spring when we have our week long breaks from school in March.

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