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Ok, I know it's been forever since I've updated, but I just had to mark this event! )

I should probably say something fandom-y while I'm here, but.... I got nothing.

I'm half way through a new QaF vid, but well, it's kind of been stalled, and it's now saved on a computer that isn't mine, so I wouldn't hold your breath for it.

I'm supposed to be starting a SGA vid today for the Save Carson Beckett Campaign but I'm trying to re-arrange space on my computer first, and I just realize I only have like 3 eps on my computer right now, so maybe not today if I have to re-download everything....
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Well last night Sara and I went for a walk down the street behind our apartment in the hopes of finding food (never an easy thing to do when the menu's are in Chinese and the most English you can expect is a friendly "Hello"), but on the way there we passed a DVD shop and thought we'd stop and take a look at what they had.

Most of the movies there were either in English or German with Chinese subtitles, so it's pretty easy to get English movies over here. When you walked in though there was an entire wall with box sets of shows, and guess what was right there to the right? Season *5* of QaF. I was a bit confused at first, because all of the big writing on it is in Chinese, and on the back they had pics from season 4 and 5, but then Sara noticed on the front in smallish writing, Season 5.

I really wasn't sure how it could be out since it's not out yet in North America, but I figured someone might have gotten their hands on it and started selling it here in China, and honestly for 45 yuan, I was willing to take the risk that it'd be in Chinese, so I bought it.

The quality of the eps are pretty good, although they all have that little summary of what heppened at the end of the last ep, which made me start to think that this might be boot legged, but what really gave that fact away was the last disk: The disk with the extra features.

The first extra feature is an interview with Peter and Scott, I havn't watched all of it yet, but they were just talking about random stuff (the topics I saw were aliteration and the secret romance between Ted and Justin). But the rest of the special features were all vids. They had:

-[ profile] sisabet's 66
-Aida's Defying Gravity
-[ profile] f1renze's Fresh Feeling
-It's is a Pig, which is a Gale Randy vid, I can't quite remember who made it, but it was signed "for Rachelface"
-[ profile] kitkatbyte's Juliet
-Poem_Sunshine-noname which is one I hadn't actually seen before....

I suppose to be somewhat fair, they didn't doctor the vids at all, and left everyone's signature on it, if there was one to begin with. Still I don't know if some of these vidders will appreciate this, I think *I* would be flattered, but that's just me.

It also kind of gets me, because I wonder if this person who basically stole the episodes might have possibly have gotten them from my site. I mean that sooo wasn't my intention when I made the group, but I could see people misusing it that way...
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Dear [ profile] snowinandblowin Secret Santa,

I realised I was increadibly vauge on my request, I haven't thought overly much about what I want, but if you have any questions for me I don't have my IP logging (or whatever it is) turned on (not that I would know how to use it anyways) so if you want to leave an anonymous question I can answer and still keep it a secret. I'm also willing to answer multiple question if you really want to keep it secret, but whatever is best for you.

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Gah, I finally finished my next vid. I have managed to preservere through a tempermental WMM and the horrible gut-wrenching fear of almost losing everything. So here it is.

Title: Open Your Eyes
Artist: Guano Apes
Summary: Well it's mostly about Brian (funny I never mean for them to be, they just seem to turn out that way.
Feedback: PLEASE!

You can find it at my website or download it directly from here (please right click and save target as...)


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Ok after my friend had a virus, I had a scare myself. The only thing on my computer that would really upset me to lose would be my vids, so now I'm going to (attempt) to make a list of all the vids I have and where they are from, this is going to be a very long WIP but hey.

Also I'm never really sure about linking things, so if anyone objects to anything here just tell me and i'll earase it. If there's anyone out there who can help me link some of these or knows who made them or notices a mistake that I've made, please also feel free to tell me. I often just go and grab a vid without paying attention to where i got it, others I have the bookmark somewhere.... and if the vidder didn't put their name at the end, sometimes it takes me a bit to remember who did it.

Note: I'll probably copme up with a better filing system later but for the moment these are just in alphabetical order based on thier file names.

13herbs_spices by Blueslady

30_Minutes by Blueslady

66 by Sisabet

acid by Rhiannon

Affirmation by f1renze

afterall by ROZ

AnotherPerfectDay by PunkGirl

appleblossom by Sweetestdrain (mlefy)

Asis by Keewick

battleflag-thebrianjustinmix by sisabet

bdbrianvsdavid by Vero

BeautifulBlue by Rhiannon

becauseitoldyouso3 by Rhiannon

bigmachine by Meghan

bih by Eleveninches

bitch by Sarah

bike_race_0002 by me? (not me personally that's how it was signed)

bittersweet by toolunaticnwon

BJ_Why by Keewick

bjareyouhappynow by Vero

bjdancing by Liz

bji'mwithyou by Vero

bjjesaigneencore by great_stupefly

bmbecauseofyou by Pern333333

boys by Rhian

brianthescarfofdeath by Vero

brianintheshadows by Vero

bringmetolife by Vero

BlankV2 by Wendy

blue_room_in_archway by Sisabet

Brian_breaking_the_habit_0001 by Kinneytay

bridgend by Sarah

bringmetolife by Otakuraven

carryondancing by Otakuraven

cant_help_falling_sm_2 by flaming June

charmed by Keewick

cherrylips by Meghan

childrenofthesun by toolunaticsnwon

cigarettesandchoc by Rachelanton73

colorblind by ROZ

crymeariverfinal by eleveninches

dance by Keewick

dance_mikey by blueslady

deadfiddler by Anna

Deeper by Aida

Defying Gravity by Aida

devilsdancefloor by Otakuraven

dilate_small by Keewick

diner by Keewick

DoYouKnowBrianKinney(DivxMPG4_V3) by R Jin

dontsay by Anna

drinking in la by Carr0ts

dueling... banjos. right. by Magz

Elevation by Wendy and f1renze

eltango by eleveninches

enjoythesilence by Rhiannon

epic by Sisabet

etcestparti by Vero

Everything by Rhian

Falling for the first time by Sarah

fighting by R Jin

figuredyouout by Otakuraven

Floating in Space by Keewick

For Good(video)-MPEG-1 Web by Sherrie and Christopher Richey

forever by ?

Freak Me Baby! by ?

FreshFeeling.divx by f1renze

friends by Keewick

fromthesilence by Vero

frontier psychiatrist by Carr0ts

fuel by Keewick

GaleHaroldOnQAFSeason2MusicVideo(DIVXMPG4_V3) by Choimimi

girls&boys by Carr0ts

GivenToFly by f1renze

golddust by Keewick

goner by Anna

Hanging By A Moment by Michelledru

Hanson_Love_Song_0002 by ?

happy by Rhian

Hardest Button to Button_0001 by sweetesdrain (mlefay)

headoverfeet by juteux

HeavenHellHigh by toolunaticsnone

hemmorhage by Meghan

Hey_Jupiter by Rhiannon

HeyMickey by Wendy

HighSchoolConfidential(DIVXMPG4_V3) by R Jin

Hungry_0001 by lylas

hwsmall by Joosther?

I Just Want by Me ( I'm not sure why I'm putting mine on, but anyways...)

IneedyouRemixEffectVersion by r jin

I'm Still Here by Sarah

im_a_stah by Acacia

itily by f1renze

ISYB by lierdumoa

It Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You by Sandstorm

itisapig by Anna

je t'adore by toolunaticsnwon

Jesus_Etc by Rhiannon

la flaca by Carr0ts

LastHigh.divx by Wendy and f1renze

ListenToYourHeartBrianJustin by joesther

liveletdie by Keewick

Love at the Moulin Rouge by Anna

lovefool2 by Flaming June

LoveSong by Rhiannon

lucky by Eleveninches

man by Rhian

michaelfinal by Eleveninches

mjfollowyourdreams by Vero

MonstersWedding by f1renze

moulinrouge by Eleveninches

mrGrieves by Sweetestdrain (mlefay)

mydecember by Rissa

noregrets by Anna

not_goodbye by Acacia

Otherman by me

Painful by Sandstorm

Paperbag by Keewick

Passion by Sandstorm

Perhaps by Wendy and f1renze

pinkfinal by Eleveninches

Please_come_home by Heaven

Promise by Wendy and f1renze

QAF - Jusin & Brian, a Love Story by ?

QAF-how do i live by ?

qafBuffyCredits by Wendy

Queer As Folk [Found Footage]-Original Version by TrieuLe Productions?

Queer as Folk - Miserable (Brian & Justin) by ?

Queer As Folk - Name of His Game (Brian) [English] by toolunaticsnwon

Queer As Folk Video Mix by stefanif

Rapture.web by ROZ

Ravissement by toolunaticsnwon

readytogo by ROZ

Reflections by Sandstorm

RockDJ by Aida

ROMEOvid by sweetestdrain (mlefay

runaway by Acacia

satisfaction by R Jin

save by Meghan

Save Me by Christopher Richey

schmincest by Altricial

shattered perfection by toolunaticsnwon

shotime by anna

Should I Stay by ?

showdownshort by Eleveninches

Simple Things by Mimi

Somewhereovertherainbow by Choimimi

Soul by Keewick

Sound by Keewick

Space by Wendy

spectacular by Anna

Stay by Wendy

stay_final by Keewick

sublime by Carr0ts

submarine by Eleveninches

SugarDaddy by f1renze

superhero by Keewick

superman by Mudd

TaxiRide by Rhiannon

tbprotegemoi by Vero

teenspirit by Keewick

terrible by ?

tehthebiterend by Vero

TheNothingSong by Choimimi

The Reason by Andz

This One's Gonna Bruise by Keewick

Time by Sandstorm

timeaftertime by Mudd

tolostinyou by Steph

Tourniquet_0002 by Otakuraven

under_pressure by Keewick

use it or lose it by Carr0ts

VivaColombiaChaCha by Choimimi

wamlam by Eleveninches

whenigrowup by Otakuraven

whenilost by Lexlise

WhenImGone by joesther

wilddances by ?

wmbh by Sisabet and dawn

xs_17_fucks by Ethan?

xs_bj_know by Ethan?

yourlove by ?


Ok that's all for now I'll go and add the rest later as well as fix what I have now. Sorry it was so long, but I always screw up cuts, and I spent so long on this that I sont' want to lose it.

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Ok, well I've managed to eek out a new vid. I actually had it done yesterday but wanted to wait for [ profile] carr0ts1979  opinion first before posting. This one's very different from my last vid, it has 'deeper meaning' (*rolls eyes*) instead of just sex. :-P

It's actually an Ethan vid. I'm not quite sure if it's pro Ethan or not, I guess it depends on how you want to see it. Anyways I've posted it on my web site, or you can just right click and save target as here.

Gah, it took me forever to fix my website, HTML is just not my strong point. I couldn't manage to get rid of a link (that led to NO WHERE) that had taken over my words.

 Anyways, I'd love to hear back from you, and am always looking for ways to improve.

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Ok, after all the mass confusion, I'm finally able to say, that I'm finished my vid, and it's now on the internet. If anyone would like to download it they can go to my website or bypass the ugliness of the website and try downloading it by right clicking and Save Target as...  here.

Just a few notes on my vid, it's about Brian, a bit about Justin, and pretty much about goes on about his avoidance of relationships (original theme, I know). The song is "I Just Want" by Group X.

Seeing as how this in my first vid, I'd really apreciateany and all feedback. Thanks :P

Also on enote about my websight, the picture has absolutly nothing to do with the vid. it's just something my friend [ profile] trieth  made for me a while back.

EDIT: My new webpage is Paraka Productions

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