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So, today can alternately be titled "Snow Day!" We Got a lot of snow today, like, more than a foot, and we're still getting more tonight. Luckily we just had a bit of a thaw and some of the previous snow had melted away, otherwise I'm sure this year would be looking a lot like the Winter of '08.

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Oops, so yesterday I ended up falling asleep at, like, 8:30 and didn't make a Week in the Life post, I'm going to merge yesterday's and today's together.

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Then, as I said above, I basically passed out. So now, onto day 4!

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Today was a bit harder for me, since it was mostly a repeat of yesterday but I tried my best.

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So a couple people on my flist are did this meme, even more did it last year, but I wasn't able to participate due to life but I wanted to try and do it this year. I don't know how good I'll be at doing it every day for the whole week, since I've been meaning to start doing it for a couple days now and today is the first day I actually did it. But we'll see.

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Wow, that's the first non-podfic related, personal post that I've made to this journal in a very long time. O_O
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Ha ha, the most random thing just happened. I was checking my email and the Google ad across the top of the page was more my employer's parent company. The Anatomical Pathology division no less. WTF?

I wonder what brought that on....
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OK, so I just experienced something I *never* want to again! Cut for TMI )

There is not enough toothpaste in the house to fix this. And now I'm afraid to cough.
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Het ship names in SGA all seem to be really stupid. Really, if it's not something that rolls easily off the tongue and leaves a clear indication of who is involved in the pairing, you're really better off just writing out names.

This was prompted by seeing someone refer to Sheppard/Carter as Sharter. At least it's easier to pronounce than Shweir. Also, I've never understood where Sparky and Spanky comes from. At all.

At least McKay's name lends itself more easily to the mashing up of names.
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Is it bad that I'm seriously considering getting laser eye surgery simply because my glasses look like they're reaching the end of their life? I seem to be sitting on them a lot lately, and I don't want to get a new pair of glasses if I'm going to get laser eye surgery, so I'm thinking I should make the appointment soon, because the only other pair of glasses I have are really fugly and look kind of like Harry Potter's :S
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Well a lot of things have been going on lately.

Last weekend was my birthday. It was pretty cool. Sara, Kristen and Natalie all came down. But Sara wasn't able to get the day off so they only came down really late. That was ok though, my mom wanted to throw a party for me, kind of to make up for the fact that I didn't get a coming home party. It was nice, all of my family came down, but it would have made it a little more awkward if my family and friends were there at the same time.

They wanted to go out clubbing, but well it was getting late, and I'm now on a word schedule instead of a school schedule, and come on, this is Ottawa, more specifically this is Munster. Not a lot of clubbing going on. I was also slightly tipsy by then, and any navigating I could have done was out the window, so we went to O'Connors Irish Pub. I liked it. They had a live band playing, but there wasn't really any dancing. Although, honestly, when they first came on the stage Natalie turns to me and says "I've never heard bagpipes played with a guitar before" *head desk* What's up with that? What else do you play bagpipes with!? (one person at least, I know it's different if it's a group of bagpipers).

Then I had my week of work, which actually went by super quickly. They've got me doing faxes instead of answering the phones, which is kind of more boring, but also less frustrating. I finally ended up bring my MP4 in and listening to music while I worked, and I really like it. Probably more then being on the phones, it's really boring without music, but the day flies with it.

As for this weekend,a it’s been pretty full. Friday my mom wanted to go visit the experimental farms, so we all braved the bugs (which I'm now itchily regretting). It was kind of a weird time to go, since most of the spring flowers were either gone or on their last legs, and the summer stuff hadn't been brought out yet. But still it was nice, and my mom braved my digital camera to take a lot of pictures.

Saturday, I sat down and went through about half of my China pictures and choose 168 of them to get printed out. I took them to one of those machines in Wal Mart and it took *forever*. The woman standing beside me was really nice though. We started talking about scrap booking, and she offered to help me make a scrap book of my China pics, it was really nice, I might even take her up on it.

Then I went out to dinner with a Yahoo!Group called Ottawa SG-1. It was great, there were only 3 of us, but it was really nice to just get together and talk with people. I really don't know anyone in Ottawa any more, all of my friends are down in Guelph, so I find the summers really lonely. It was lot of fun. During dinner we just discussed anything, a lot about our past travels and plans for our future travels. Then after dinner we talked more about the show. Peter left not too long after we finished eating but [ profile] pixiesio and I stayed and talked until 10pm. I kind of enjoyed talking with her more, since it was hard to fangirl around Peter. And we're both slashers (although she does everything) and it's just harder to talk about that around guys.
Anyways, I think the group's a great idea. I'm kind of bummed though I'm only really in Ottawa for the summer, and the first meeting since I returned to Canada was right during my grandfather's funeral, so of course I missed it. Then the next one was cancelled since I was late saying I’d show, and they cancelled it since there weren't enough people. There's this months that I did make, I'm planning on making next month's meeting, but there isn't one in August, and then I might not be living in Ottawa again. :(

Ah well, I'm just going to have to make new friends wherever I end up. :-/ On Thursday I applied to 4 different schools. It's so late that 3 of tem, I'm just being put on a waiting list. The only school I applied to that I wasn't was Algonquin, here in Ottawa. And they were courses that I could take, but not really ones I want/see myself taking. I applied to 2 different courses, one was a general arts that was one year and would basically just help gloss over my bad marks in Uni, and the other one is a 3 year computers course. I would like to go into computers, I love them, but I've always been afraid. I don't know, I think I'll get accepted there, but I'm not sure what I'll do.

Today was busy. I woke up early to go to church, but the rest of my family went yesterday since my dad (yes on father's day!) is driving out East for work. He left before dawn this morning (or at least I'm going to assume he did, I didn't open my eyes during the good bye :P). Anyways, since he was gone, I realized we only had one car, and my mom was going to drop me off, but she was late, so I just ended up skipping church. Not that I have a problem with that I don't really like my religion, and only go because my mom would freak if I didn't. My cousin from out of town was in Ottawa today for a soccer tournament, so we went and watched that instead. It was also a different cousin’s birthday today so we all went out for brunch between soccer games to celebrate.

I'm kind of tired now though. Tired and restless. I really don't like living in Ottawa. I want to do more, but there really isn't much to do, and I don't always have a car. I wanted to do something tonight, so *Istartedworkingonavid* I promised myself that the next vid I'd do would be Stargate, but I still haven't figured out the codec thing on this computer. So it seems like QaF it is. I don't know if I'll have the chance to finish it though, my mom has taken over my laptop (she's even decided that she wants one for herself! My mom! who didn't even know how to turn it on that long ago!).
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Ok, a while ago I saw on [ profile] quinn222 LJ an iPod free offer thingy where you just sign up and have friends sign up you all get a free iPod. Well I decided to try,but now I need other people to sign up with my. If anyone's interested, it's really easy, and you dont 'have to do much for it.You can go here and get the process started. If you want to see what it's like, here's quinns post about it.

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