3/8/10 12:40
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A non-podfic related post! Lets not all dye of shock :P

I don't know if I've mentioned it here before but I'm going to be going to Vividcon this year with [profile] kronos999! We head out tomorrow :D

Is anyone else on my flist going to be there? [personal profile] anoel, you'll be there, right?
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Dear Merlin Vidders,

WTF is up with all the colour filters? Merlin as a show has such a vibrant colour pallet. This makes watching it so pretty and should make vidding it super pretty. Why, then Merlin vidders, are you stripping the lovely source material of it's colours by having all your vids in sepia or shades of blue or anything else that drains the colours. There are very specific reasons to use colour filters! You don't just use them because you feel like it!

Some Love,

[personal profile] paraka

Vid Beta?

5/8/09 20:26
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Hey lovely flist. I was wondering if anyone had time to do a quick vid beta for my SPN Big Bang vid.
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So you know how I was freaking out over my Big Bang vid? Well instead of handing in a first draft of the my vid (since I didn't have it) I sent in an email with my written notes for the vid (scene by scene) and a big long explanation on how I plan to get over my technical problems and then kind of begged to be allowed to stay in the game. I just got an email from [personal profile] wendy saying it was ok, and I'm still in! Yay! I don't have to be one of those horrible people who drops out, leaving the pinch hitters scrambling! I was feeling so bad about that. :S


1/6/09 07:12
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God, I'm not having a good day (and it's only 7:15am). I stayed up really late last night working on my BB vid, only to find that the file won't save. The DivX codec goes nuts for a bit then everything just kind of stops and it'll run for hours and advance like 0.02%. I seriously left it saving *all* night and it was only like 30% complete. I have no idea what to do. The deadline for the rough draft is today, and I'm really afraid I'm going to end up flaking out on it (I feel like such a douche) :S

I hate this. Why do computers suddenly hate me?

So not only did I stay up really late working on this vid, I then had trouble sleeping. It took me forever to fall asleep, and once I did I kept waking up. And because I'm paranoid, I got up at around 4 to check on how my vid was saving. Which had me downstairs fighting it some more and took me forever to finally go back to sleep. And I had only been asleep for about an hour when my dad woke me up. I've been using his work computer to do this vid on because none of my vidding programs are working on my computer and he needed to close my stuff down so he could head to work.

I called in sick to work today. I feel guilty about that because my fever is gone and I have this weird complex that you're not actually sick unless you have a fever. However, my head is pounding,my throat aches, my nose is running, I'm coughing up a lung and it feels like I have a large stone embedded in my chest. So sick day it is.


30/5/09 17:10
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So, I'm sick. Thursday night/Friday my asthma flared up. It doesn't flare up that often, and not normally at this time of the year. It's most likely to flare up when I'm sick, so I was kind of surprised that I was coughing without being sick this time.

Apparently my asthma symptoms just were the first to show. I now have a temperature of 101 and fell asleep at 2 this afternoon and just woke up at 5. :/

This is why you shouldn't procrastinate on your vid projects. :S
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Help please from any of the vidders on my flist. What's that program where you can write a little script and have that edit your source material? I know it exists, I've had it on my computer before even. I remember that the tutorial had you write a sript that made colour bars, I just can't remember what the program was called :(
Importing my clips with audio is making *huge* rendered files and I don't have time to get rid of audio in some of the other ways (VirtualDub would take forever, I may as well re-rip them all :S)
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Ok, I know it's been forever since I've updated, but I just had to mark this event! )

I should probably say something fandom-y while I'm here, but.... I got nothing.

I'm half way through a new QaF vid, but well, it's kind of been stalled, and it's now saved on a computer that isn't mine, so I wouldn't hold your breath for it.

I'm supposed to be starting a SGA vid today for the Save Carson Beckett Campaign but I'm trying to re-arrange space on my computer first, and I just realize I only have like 3 eps on my computer right now, so maybe not today if I have to re-download everything....


28/5/06 21:13
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I haven't been able to vid since before I left China. While in China I had started an SGA vid (which was turing out pretty cool if I do say so myself), but then I got a virus and was forced to wipe my computer. I saved the work I had done, but it's been pretty useless so far. :(

First of all, I didn't have a power cord to plug my computer in, so the battery was slowly dying. Then I had to reinstall Adobe Premiere, then it turns out I didn't wipe my computer properly so had to do it all over again.

I finally got my computer clean, and Adobe installed. Then the real problems started. Even though I had no problems watching the eps in a media player, when I tried importing them into Adobe, I would only get sound, no visuals. Classic sign on a missing codec, so I downloaded DivX to my computer.

This brought me a step closer, when I would try and import the file, my computer would start to hyperventalate. Seriously the fans would start a-whirring, and the little DivX icon on my start bar would start to flash. This would freeze my computer completely, and I'd have to do a Ctrl+Alt+Delete to close the program down, then when I'd reopen it, the file would be there, but if I tried to look at it, it'd say "Unsupported bit rate."

I grew tired of this, uninstalled DivX, and instead installed Nemo Codecs (with DivX). Now things import, but! When I put it on the time line, it shows as black. When I try and view just the clip in the preview window, it shows sound and picture, but the PICTURE IS *UPSIDE DOWN*!

At this rate, I will never vid again.

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