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So [personal profile] greedy_dancer posted (locked) about it being 1 year since the AO3 hit meme went around last year and I just remembered I did it too. So I thought I'd copy her and revisit my stats. Because I enjoy stats.

AO3 Hits Meme )
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Well, it looks like I shouldn't have worried over my mail for a year idea. Not only is it my highest bid, a whole bunch of other people are now offering it from their various locations and with themes. :)

Since I didn't link to it in the last entry, if you'd like to bid on getting mail from me for a year you can do so here

I don't actually want to pimp myself out too much but I'll probably do so at least once more before everything's over. Anyways, my podfic offer is here (current bids at $15) and my vid offer is here (no bids yet :( ).

In other news, I spent the day trying to match people up for my podfic feedback exchange. 30 people signed up, with 20 podfics to review. I spent a huge amount of time working on the matching yesterday too. I set up a spreadsheet that was really helpful in getting an idea of what I needed to put in the spreadsheet and how to approach certain things. However I just couldn't see the whole thing without making the font too small to read. I'm a really visual person, so I have to be able to see everything. So the next step was getting the craft paper out and transferring the info to paper. [personal profile] diurnal_lee has this giant pad of paper that's 18"12". My first draft wasn't properly spaced so the columns by the end were like 3mm wide, which just didn't work. In fact just as I finished matching everyone up last night, I realized that there were 2 reviewers that didn't have fics to review! I did some quick and dirty changes but at that point I realized that it was 2 am and I had been working on this mostly non-stop since 4pm.

This morning, even though I had everyone matched up from the night before, I decided to do it again. I wasn't really all that satisfied, and I figured I knew what I did wrong last time :P I made a new paper spreadsheet, better spaced this time. However I still wasn't able to fit all the information I wanted on it comfortably, so out came the markers and highlighters. The second matching took much less time, about 5 hours with lots of distractions and I would run downstairs and announce "OMG! I forgot to take into account that some of these podfics where gifts to reviewers during podbang!" It seems kind of tacky to ask someone to review their gift. I also almost assigned someone their own podfic the night before :S

Anyways, everyone's matched up now. I'm going to double check everything tomorrow and then start sending out the assignments. Maybe I'll take pictures of may crazy charts so you can see how nuts I am. :P
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So every once in a while I remember that I can check out my website stats and end trolling through them out of curiosity. It's always interesting, for example to see why certain sites link to you. Or to see what kind of search terms were used to find your site. Some of them can be really wierd. Like someone found my site using the search term fruit head photo WTF? I don't even know why that search term would point towards my site. *iz confuzzled*

Or while looking through the referrer links I saw that one lead back to a rec of one of my vids. It was an older rec for one of my more obscure vids and as I read it, it made me wonder if I had seen the rec before, only to hit the comments and find out I was like the only one to comment on the rec :P

And, since I'm looking at stats, I took a look at my YouTube stats as well. YouTube has such different standards when it comes to vids than LJ that it always kind of boggles my mind. On LJ my most popular vid, by far was Hurt. While Hurt doesn't do badly over there (unlike, say my Vance vid or Open Your Eyes), it's not really that popular either.
On the other hand, the two vids that I put together in the most slap dash way (there were deadlines involved and two due at once!) are my most popular ones. Justin's Hair at almost 80K views and Lovers at almost 40K views (and that's saying something since YouTube took it down for copyright violations like 2 years ago). God, had I known that Hair was going to turn out to be so popular, I definitely would have taken greater care when making it. It kind of makes me cringe to think that that's the vid I'm most... "famous" for.
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So, I really did nothing this weekend. Like at all. I slept, and organized my vids. Although I will say, that organizing my vids is quite the task. I've been doing it for over a week. When I first started I had about 1500 vids on my computer. I've deleted a bunch and the current count is 821. Of those left, 614 have been renamed so that all my files are in the format fndm-vid name-vidder (and man that really took the longest) and organized into folders. I have an additional 70 which have been renamed but not put into files yet.

Before this new organizational idea from me, I had been using WMP's star system to organize my vids. Which worked nicely when it was working, but I've had to wipe my computer or change computers a couple times since I started using that and the stars don't transfer over, so I was left having to reorganize each time. Now that I'm thinking of switching to Linux, I decided I needed a new system.

It's also nice to just clean up. In my early days online, I used to download every vid I came across, and being a pack rat, I kept it, even if it sucked. It was ridiculous how big my vid folder was getting. Now I've deleted a lot of the older, bad vids (or, you know the ones that weren't that bad, but now that I'm no longer in that fandom, I don't feel attached to). My vids folder is now down to a more manageable size of 21GBs.
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So, I spent a good portion of this past weekend falling in love with vids (again). I've slowly been organizing the vids on my computer and have been rewatching my favourites. Doing so never ceases to remind me just how much I love vidding and how there are some truly talented people out there. It really makes me want to share the love with my flist. I was thinking it might be fun to try and challenge myself so for the month of January, I'm going to try and post one vid rec a day.
Is anyone interested in seeing this? I can't promise that they'll be the most original recs, a lot of the vids currently on my computer are older, or else I found them through someone else's rec. I am hoping that this can help me a bit as a vidder. So often I just watch a vid and get swept away with it but never take the time to articulate why it was able to do that.

I've already started to write some up (so at the very least you'll get 4 recs :P)

And while I'm updating, here's that first line meme so many are doing: )
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OMG, I still feel like crap. Sorry to the people that I owe e-mails, like the people who beta'd my vid. I will get around to responding, when I feel less like crap.Probably tomorrow, since I don't think I'm going to go into work.

I really scared myself today. When I was driving home from work today I suddenly got *really* dizzy, and I was afraid I was going to pass out or drive off the road or something. Scary stuff. That's the thing that finally convinced me to stay home tomorrow. I can mostly function, if I don't have to think to hard, but I do not want to die in a car accident on my commute :S

Right now, I'm downloading The Terminator, because [ profile] paradise_city said I should watch the Sarah Connor Chronicles, I have never seen the original movies. Although, I haven't found a download yet for the second one, which apparently I need, any one on my flist happen to have it (and is willing to share?).
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So, I know there are a bunch of great vidders on my flist, do any of you (or non vidders too) have time to do a vid beta? It's an SGA gen vid (yay! my first gen vid!), and I could really use some help on it.

If you're interested, either leave a comment with your e-mail, or drop me a line at paraka at livejournal dot com.
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OMG, how cool is this?
I got the Henry Jenkins book on fandom for Christmas and have slowly been reading it. It's too bad he wasn't able to make one on vidding, but I think it's so awesome that a documentary is being put together!

When I first discovered fandom, I didn't read fic. I knew about it, but I never tried reading it, instead I'd spend hours searching for vids, and even longer watching them. Vidding was my first contribution to fandom too. There was a time when vidding was my main focus in life, let alone fandom, I would spend hours fighting and cursing Windows Movie Maker. And while my fervor died down, and fic started taking over more of my fannish time, I still think of myself as a vidder. I still vid (as the hours I have put in this past week have shown).

I am sooo excited about this project. I'm going to have to check out the webpage and see about submitting something about myself. It seems really egotistical to think that a small vidder like me might be included in a documentary like this one, but I sooo want to be a *part* of this.
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Dear Adobe Premiere,
Please stop fucking with me. If you are going to crash my file every second time I open it, I might just go apeshit on your ass. For serious. I am trying very hard to get back into the swing of vidding, and you are sooo not helping.
No Love,

ETA: Your auto-save is the only reason I don't drop you Adobe. The only reason.
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So, I haven't been watching vids as much as I used to, but today I felt like changing that. So I put my vids on to play while I'm surfing around. All of a sudden a QaF vid starts to play, and I recognize it as my own, but for the life of my I couldn't remember which one it was. Isn't that sad? The part that'd even worse, is, as I sat there looking at it, I thought, "Hey, I don't hate this!" Because I have this thing, where often, once I'm finished the vid, I can't make myself watch it afterwords, because all I see is the mistakes. I was a good, oh, minute into it, before I realized that it was a copy of the QaF vid I *started* making last year, but never finished. *headdesk* That's why I couldn't remember which of my *published* vids it was.
That said, I should really go back and finish it sometime, what I have done so far isn't bad. But first, I have to finish the SGA vid I'm working on. I should really work on it now, but I'm feeling kind of meh today and want to do nothing. So instead I am doing some half assed research for the fic I'm totally not writing for [ profile] paradise_city (oh god, why did a choose a porny idea to start on? I think I'll probably die of embarrassment the first time someone reads it...)
On that note, I'm thinking of adding a BDSM element to the fic, can anyone here rec some good books or websites to do research? I've dabbled in it myself, but since my sex life as a whole isn't really anything to brag about, I don't want to just base things on what I've experienced or looked for myself.
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God. It's so cold out. Today it was -30 with the wind chill. I've really got to get over myself and get a hat, because it *hurt* my *face* to be outside today.

Anyways, as some of you know, I'm currently making an SGA vid. The beginning kind of sucks at the moment, but I'm hoping the ending will kick ass. I know I'm getting to the hard part, since I've been working on it for an hour or two already tonight and haven't even gotten 10s done. *head desk* But! They're an awesome almost 10 seconds, and the clips were hard to find.

I've been finding the clip searching aspect of things really depressing, because every time I see Carson, it makes me really sad. Also, my next vid is totally going to be about Weir. *shakes fist at TPTB* Why are you ruining my show!

While we're on the topic of SGA, did anyone on my flist manage to get their hands on Midway early? Anyone want to share? *waggles eyebrows*

And lastly My sister sent me this, and I just found it too true not to share )


8/2/08 00:04
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Sorry to anyone who just got spammed by all the posts I made to various communities about my vid. There are far too many announcement comms :P
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Ok, so I totally thought I had more time for this, but apperantly Sweet Charity ends in a couple hours, so here's my self pimping post!

Sweet Charity: Buy Me, Baby

There are a ton of people offering themselves up, I'm personally offering a vid (either QaF, SGA, SG-1, SPN, Numb3rs, House, Medium, The 4400, or Life on Mars) and right now some anonymous person is winning me, which makes me very nervous. :S

Seriously though, an staggering $10,000 CND has already been pledged, go and help people!
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Hi all!

I would like to take a moment to tell you all about a charity project I'm working on called Sweet Charity being run by [ profile] lithiumdoll.

Sweet Charity

Basically we're trying to raise money for RAINN an American organisation for rape, abuse and incest victims. The charity is the favoured organisation of Maria "Danzy" Delgado, in whose memory this auction is taking place. In this spirit 25 different people have put themselves up for auction, offering 11 vids, 25 fics, 10 peices of art, and 3 misc projects!

I've also put myself up offering a vid!

So if any of you out there have wanted a vid, or a fic, or something made, come check us out, it's for a great cause!
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Ok after my friend had a virus, I had a scare myself. The only thing on my computer that would really upset me to lose would be my vids, so now I'm going to (attempt) to make a list of all the vids I have and where they are from, this is going to be a very long WIP but hey.

Also I'm never really sure about linking things, so if anyone objects to anything here just tell me and i'll earase it. If there's anyone out there who can help me link some of these or knows who made them or notices a mistake that I've made, please also feel free to tell me. I often just go and grab a vid without paying attention to where i got it, others I have the bookmark somewhere.... and if the vidder didn't put their name at the end, sometimes it takes me a bit to remember who did it.

Note: I'll probably copme up with a better filing system later but for the moment these are just in alphabetical order based on thier file names.

13herbs_spices by Blueslady

30_Minutes by Blueslady

66 by Sisabet

acid by Rhiannon

Affirmation by f1renze

afterall by ROZ

AnotherPerfectDay by PunkGirl

appleblossom by Sweetestdrain (mlefy)

Asis by Keewick

battleflag-thebrianjustinmix by sisabet

bdbrianvsdavid by Vero

BeautifulBlue by Rhiannon

becauseitoldyouso3 by Rhiannon

bigmachine by Meghan

bih by Eleveninches

bitch by Sarah

bike_race_0002 by me? (not me personally that's how it was signed)

bittersweet by toolunaticnwon

BJ_Why by Keewick

bjareyouhappynow by Vero

bjdancing by Liz

bji'mwithyou by Vero

bjjesaigneencore by great_stupefly

bmbecauseofyou by Pern333333

boys by Rhian

brianthescarfofdeath by Vero

brianintheshadows by Vero

bringmetolife by Vero

BlankV2 by Wendy

blue_room_in_archway by Sisabet

Brian_breaking_the_habit_0001 by Kinneytay

bridgend by Sarah

bringmetolife by Otakuraven

carryondancing by Otakuraven

cant_help_falling_sm_2 by flaming June

charmed by Keewick

cherrylips by Meghan

childrenofthesun by toolunaticsnwon

cigarettesandchoc by Rachelanton73

colorblind by ROZ

crymeariverfinal by eleveninches

dance by Keewick

dance_mikey by blueslady

deadfiddler by Anna

Deeper by Aida

Defying Gravity by Aida

devilsdancefloor by Otakuraven

dilate_small by Keewick

diner by Keewick

DoYouKnowBrianKinney(DivxMPG4_V3) by R Jin

dontsay by Anna

drinking in la by Carr0ts

dueling... banjos. right. by Magz

Elevation by Wendy and f1renze

eltango by eleveninches

enjoythesilence by Rhiannon

epic by Sisabet

etcestparti by Vero

Everything by Rhian

Falling for the first time by Sarah

fighting by R Jin

figuredyouout by Otakuraven

Floating in Space by Keewick

For Good(video)-MPEG-1 Web by Sherrie and Christopher Richey

forever by ?

Freak Me Baby! by ?

FreshFeeling.divx by f1renze

friends by Keewick

fromthesilence by Vero

frontier psychiatrist by Carr0ts

fuel by Keewick

GaleHaroldOnQAFSeason2MusicVideo(DIVXMPG4_V3) by Choimimi

girls&boys by Carr0ts

GivenToFly by f1renze

golddust by Keewick

goner by Anna

Hanging By A Moment by Michelledru

Hanson_Love_Song_0002 by ?

happy by Rhian

Hardest Button to Button_0001 by sweetesdrain (mlefay)

headoverfeet by juteux

HeavenHellHigh by toolunaticsnone

hemmorhage by Meghan

Hey_Jupiter by Rhiannon

HeyMickey by Wendy

HighSchoolConfidential(DIVXMPG4_V3) by R Jin

Hungry_0001 by lylas

hwsmall by Joosther?

I Just Want by Me ( I'm not sure why I'm putting mine on, but anyways...)

IneedyouRemixEffectVersion by r jin

I'm Still Here by Sarah

im_a_stah by Acacia

itily by f1renze

ISYB by lierdumoa

It Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You by Sandstorm

itisapig by Anna

je t'adore by toolunaticsnwon

Jesus_Etc by Rhiannon

la flaca by Carr0ts

LastHigh.divx by Wendy and f1renze

ListenToYourHeartBrianJustin by joesther

liveletdie by Keewick

Love at the Moulin Rouge by Anna

lovefool2 by Flaming June

LoveSong by Rhiannon

lucky by Eleveninches

man by Rhian

michaelfinal by Eleveninches

mjfollowyourdreams by Vero

MonstersWedding by f1renze

moulinrouge by Eleveninches

mrGrieves by Sweetestdrain (mlefay)

mydecember by Rissa

noregrets by Anna

not_goodbye by Acacia

Otherman by me

Painful by Sandstorm

Paperbag by Keewick

Passion by Sandstorm

Perhaps by Wendy and f1renze

pinkfinal by Eleveninches

Please_come_home by Heaven

Promise by Wendy and f1renze

QAF - Jusin & Brian, a Love Story by ?

QAF-how do i live by ?

qafBuffyCredits by Wendy

Queer As Folk [Found Footage]-Original Version by TrieuLe Productions?

Queer as Folk - Miserable (Brian & Justin) by ?

Queer As Folk - Name of His Game (Brian) [English] by toolunaticsnwon

Queer As Folk Video Mix by stefanif

Rapture.web by ROZ

Ravissement by toolunaticsnwon

readytogo by ROZ

Reflections by Sandstorm

RockDJ by Aida

ROMEOvid by sweetestdrain (mlefay

runaway by Acacia

satisfaction by R Jin

save by Meghan

Save Me by Christopher Richey

schmincest by Altricial

shattered perfection by toolunaticsnwon

shotime by anna

Should I Stay by ?

showdownshort by Eleveninches

Simple Things by Mimi

Somewhereovertherainbow by Choimimi

Soul by Keewick

Sound by Keewick

Space by Wendy

spectacular by Anna

Stay by Wendy

stay_final by Keewick

sublime by Carr0ts

submarine by Eleveninches

SugarDaddy by f1renze

superhero by Keewick

superman by Mudd

TaxiRide by Rhiannon

tbprotegemoi by Vero

teenspirit by Keewick

terrible by ?

tehthebiterend by Vero

TheNothingSong by Choimimi

The Reason by Andz

This One's Gonna Bruise by Keewick

Time by Sandstorm

timeaftertime by Mudd

tolostinyou by Steph

Tourniquet_0002 by Otakuraven

under_pressure by Keewick

use it or lose it by Carr0ts

VivaColombiaChaCha by Choimimi

wamlam by Eleveninches

whenigrowup by Otakuraven

whenilost by Lexlise

WhenImGone by joesther

wilddances by ?

wmbh by Sisabet and dawn

xs_17_fucks by Ethan?

xs_bj_know by Ethan?

yourlove by ?


Ok that's all for now I'll go and add the rest later as well as fix what I have now. Sorry it was so long, but I always screw up cuts, and I spent so long on this that I sont' want to lose it.


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