paraka: A baby wearing headphones and holding a mic (Default)
paraka ([personal profile] paraka) wrote2013-12-06 05:23 pm

Podfic: Spider Honey, written by impertinence (Pete/Patrick)

Fic: Spider Honey by [ profile] impertinence (text link)
Fandom: Bandom (Fall Out Boy, with some My Chemical Romance)
Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Length: 0:22:15
Links: MP3 ||| M4B

Summary: Pete is not the most observant person in the world.

Notes: This was made as a birthday present for the very awesome [personal profile] dapatty <333

On a slightly related note, I have the next chapter of Track This Thread almost done, I just need to do some quick rerecords. It'll definitely be posted within a week, then I can get started on chapter 3. :D

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